tired of fighting

Well, there is a good reason I haven’t been writing; school closure threats.  Ugh… state budget crisis, school district budget crisis, everyone looking to cut cut cut.  I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that our free time has been consumed by meetings, writing, meetings, outreach, meetings, phone calls, meetings, building websites, meetings, crunching numbers, meetings… etc. etc.

I’ve had to take a step back this time.  When we tried to open ACS it was just a handful of us vs. the state.  The utter exhaustion and frustration was very hard on our whole family.  We just can’t afford to do that again.  Thankfully this time we have more volunteers.  Still, it’s an uphill battle.  I don’t want to see any schools close, and I especially don’t want to see this Two-Way Dual Language program compromised.  We’ve worked too hard to lose it now.

Find out how you can help here.  Keep up with current Becker news here. Offer ideas or vote for ones proposed by the public  here. (Rob created that one.)

Hopefully we’ll find a solution that keeps all the schools open and we can actually get on with the business of regular life again.

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