How to Get a Spanish Visa the Hard Way — Part Three

1. Alright, kids off to school… back to form EX-01. Google.  Read.  Google.  Read.  So. Much. Useless. Info… wait!  What’s this?  A blog with a link that works!  Whew!  Surely I can translate this one page.

2.  No.  I can’t translate this one page.  How are people doing this?  Google.  Read.  Google.  Read.  Useless. Useless… wait!  What’s this?  A translation and directions?  San Francisco Spanish Consulate, you are my new best friend!  Houston Spanish Consulate, I am very disappointed in you.

3.  Fill out, print… Oh… no more black ink in the printer.  Jesucristo.  Okay, I’ll run out and get ink later.  Meanwhile:

4.  Marriage license. Find safe.  Find key.  Find marriage license.  Briefly reminisce about wedding day.

Ack!  Editing job coming in.  Can’t say no to a bit of extra money.  Edit.  Edit. Edit.

5.  Okay, now what do I do with the marriage license again?  Oh, get a Hague Apostille form.  What is that, anyway?  Google.  Aha.  Some kind of internationally recognized notarization. And of course I need to get it from the state of New York, where we were married.   Yay! Post office trip! (Is what no one says, ever.)

Pick up kids, drag them to office supply store for ink, then post office to send for the marriage license Apostille.  Inform husband how much I accomplished.  He asks if I made a copy of our marriage certificate first.



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