práctica de fútbol

Graham joined the city soccer league in September.  The season is NINE MONTHS LONG.  He has practice twice a week for 90 minutes and a game every Saturday.  This may become a hardship at some point, but right now he is not allowed to play in the games.  (More on this international drama later)  So we’re just considering fútbol a much needed physical outlet for him.  It saves the walls and furniture.  And at least the walk to practice is lovely.  Follow along if you wish.  Graham actually agreed to model this time.


Close the front door and turn right on our street, Calle San Luis.


Climb a little hill and turn left on Callejón de San Miguel Alto (high alley).


Turn right on Calle Conde (Count or Earl Street, depending on which translator you use).


Then a quick left on Calle Blanqueo Viejo (Old Laundering Street).


…keeping going. Don’t forget your shin guards.


Stop for a moment to look cute.


Turn right at the church/catholic school San Gregorio.


Hear the church bells start chiming 6pm, realize that you’re late and start running.


Veer left onto Callejón Alberzana, which ends at the ancient wall surrounding the neighborhood.


Cut through the parking lot into the “real world” outside of the Albayzin. Pause to enjoy the sunset.


Head right up Murcia, past the ceramics factory.


Turn left down Camino de San Antonio, then right on Calle Tallacarne (Meat Carving Street).


Pause to wonder why there is always so much graffiti in Spain.


Finally here! Late. But then, so is everyone else. Because… Spain.


Now practice hard. Watch the bats come out. Run home. Sleep very soundly.


4 Responses to “práctica de fútbol

  • Great tour. Nice modeling Graham. Look forward to seeing some pictures of practice one day.

  • Uncle Joe
    8 years ago

    How come the light is always awesome where you are? Great pics!

  • Granny/Mom
    8 years ago

    So awesome!

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