caza feliz: día dos — café lento

In the four months we’ve been in Granada, I have never seen anyone on the street carrying coffee, or even drinking a to-go cup at their desk.  No.  It’s not possible.  If you want a coffee here, you go to the “cafetería”.  Your order comes in a mug or a glass.  You leisurely sip it at the counter or a table.  You chat.  You read the paper.  It is as if the entire country of Spain has grabbed me by the shoulders and stated sternly “You will sit down now and do nothing but enjoy this coffee.  You have no choice.”

For a while I felt like I’d lost my travel-mug-shaped security blanket.  But now I have started to look forward to pausing in my day for the café con leche ritual.

2015-09-25 10.52.33

heaven for about $1

Stop.  Look around.  Enjoy what’s happening right now.  Got it.

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