caza feliz: día catorce — salud


Friday night:  Graham’s eyes look suspiciously red.

Saturday morning:  “Mooooom… I can’t open my eye.”  Yep.  Conjunctivitis.

10am:  Rob takes Graham to the pharmacist down the block.  We cross our fingers that Spain’s government bureaucracy  doesn’t extend to its medical system.  But no… they say we need to go to the doctor.

11am:  Run to the neighborhood health center.  Closed.  Start thinking about which hospital waiting room we’re going to have to spend our weekend in.

11:15am:  Walk down the street to pick out our Christmas tree and set the delivery time.

11:30am:  Walk to the farmacia on the other block.  She immediately hands us a bottle of antibiotic eye drops.  Huh?  Okay then!  Price?  $4.

11:45am:  Walk downtown for chocolate con churros.  Feel elated.  Minor health crisis averted AND Christmas tradition retained using only our horrific Spanish.

Es un buen día.


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  • Mom/Granny
    8 years ago

    I hope its better by now! I miss you guys already!!xoxo

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