caza feliz: día doce – una noche fuera


Here are the ingredients for an excellent night out in Granada, sin niños:


  • hotel in the “restaurant” neighborhood
  • 7pm – first round at a hipster bar, then wander
  • 8pm – second round on a patio, tapa, then wander
  • 9pm –  sushi, wander
  • 10pm – more tapa, more wandering
  • 10:45 – Flamenco show
  • 11:45 – zombies
  • 12:45am –  “convenience” store snacks
  • 1:00am – eat chips and chocolate while watching House of Cards
  • sleep in
  • leisurely breakfast
  • 12pm – wander home


Perfecto!  Gracias Granny for this early Christmas present!

2 Responses to “caza feliz: día doce – una noche fuera

  • Mom/Granny
    8 years ago

    So glad you guys got a night out!! xoxo

  • Eliza
    8 years ago

    That sounds amazing!! So jealous!!! Miss you guys!!

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