caza feliz: día siete — agradecido

Each year we spend a few weeks writing down things we’re grateful for and adding them to some kind of kid art.  It’s been a fall tree several times, a turkey several times, and last year: a penguin.  Because nothing says Thanksgiving like a swimming bird.

We knew we weren’t going to have a traditional Thanksgiving this year, so the kids decided to write our gratitudes in the form of a table with foods they’d miss.

DSC_0658 DSC_0661

That looks a lot better than the kidney, tongue, and bizarre pasta we ended up eating during our Canary Island Thanksgiving dinner.  I’m just happy that Graham is grateful for Spain and Violet is grateful for family.  (Feelings that are questionable sometimes.)

One Response to “caza feliz: día siete — agradecido

  • Granny/Mom
    8 years ago

    So sweet! I love the things you do with them! The traditions you are making are wonderful.

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