caza feliz: día trece — hij@s creativos

Since we don’t have our traditional enormous wooden advent calendar this year, I searched Pinterest for some alternative we could make with the materials at hand.

The kids rejected all of them.

And then they came up with this:


It took a few days, a lot of tape, glue and 24 toilet paper rolls.  Plus we learned how to say “cotton” (algodón), where to find it (farmacía) and that it doesn’t come in ball form.  (The pharmacist was very confused.)

Each morning they take turns lifting the tops off a tree or flipping the penguin to find that day’s treat/activity.


I’m always amazed at what these kids come up with; whether it be lego creations, art, strategy, music, puzzles, stories, or fantastical excuses.  How lucky that I get a front row seat for all of it.

5 Responses to “caza feliz: día trece — hij@s creativos

  • Mom/Granny
    8 years ago

    They are so brilliantly creative!!

  • Amber
    8 years ago

    They are so amazing!!!

  • Trista
    8 years ago

    Seems like your kids have an excellent role model for creativity and strategies. I love following along on your family adventure through your blog!

  • Uncle Joe
    8 years ago

    That’s cool!

  • Gramma L.
    8 years ago

    A brainstorming threesome, I love it!

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