caza feliz: día veinticinco — Lego

Merry Christmas from southern Spain. DSC_0239

Papa Noel looks a bit different this year.


But it’s still a time for exchanging gifts.


Throwing down weapons….


…and burning them (at least in Lego World).


It’s a little harder to find a Christmas tree here…


…but Nativity scenes are everywhere.  If you look carefully in those Nativity scenes, you can find El Caganer somewhere in a hidden corner.


There he is, under the angel.  And yes, he is doing what you think he is doing, as per Spanish Catalonian tradition.

So thank you, weird holiday traditions.  And thank you Lego, for providing hours of entertainment, creativity and sibling harmony.

2 Responses to “caza feliz: día veinticinco — Lego

  • Super cool Lego work.
    These kids rock!!

  • Gramma L.
    8 years ago

    thanks for the links to El Caganer…so funny! And I never imagined that there would be a Spanish version of the Nativity in Legoland!

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