caza feliz: día veintiuno — la musica

A few weeks ago, on our way home from school, Graham randomly said, “I really like how you can walk around anywhere here and there’s music.”  It’s true.  Either someone is playing in a plaza for tips, or practicing in a patio garden, or rehearsing in a house with the window open.  People walk around singing.  There is a lot of it is flamenco, yes, but I’ve heard all kinds of music.


On Sunday,  a band I like played up at the mirador on the hill behind our place to celebrate winter solstice.  The kids were being curmudgeonly, so I ditched them and walked up the 165 steps to watch the show.



It was a fantastic set with a great crowd and an amazing view.  We all cheered the sunset, and then I walked home.



Music.  Universal language.

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