cosas de la niña

To continue…

These are the items the girl chose to bring:


Fairies. (Play time: once or twice)


Fairy accessories and furniture.  The “apartment” is an unused medicine cabinet we found in the house.  (Playtime: once or twice)DSC_0523

Woodland fairies.  (Playtime: zero)


Tinkerbell and her sister, plus a few outfits.  (Playtime: only in the bath)DSC_0506

Stuffed animals.  These, along with Graham’s were actually used as packing materials around a few breakable items, so they didn’t factor into The Box limit.  (Playtime: only used at night.)


Paper doll.  (Playtime:  zero)


Needle felting kit and wool.  (Craft time:  once)


Embroidery kit and thread.  (Craft time:  zero)


Friendship bracelet maker.  (Craft time: zero)

It’s safe to say that she didn’t need to bring most of these items.  In fact, she was growing out of a lot of them before we left (but I’m always encouraging them to hold on to their childhood as long as possible, so I didn’t argue that point.)  Was it worth it to have some familiar objects around during our first few weeks here?  I’m still not sure.  If I did it again, maybe I’d insist on a smaller box.


Coming up next:  the winners and the stuff they share

2 Responses to “cosas de la niña

  • Mom/Granny
    8 years ago

    Well, there is an awful lot of cool new stuff to explore and they do enjoy creating their own fun.

  • Gramma L.
    8 years ago

    Hilarious… So MANY neglected fairies,
    Aww! I’m so glad she brought Sally! Who would have thought that little bear would be so well traveled!!

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