cosas del niño

I knew I shouldn’t choose the toys the kids would to bring to Spain, even though I wanted to.  Handing over that process gave them a little sense control in completely uncharted waters.  (And saved me from any future blame).  Of course, what they really wanted was to dump the entire contents of their bedrooms into a suitcase.  But I had to give them parameters and they had to make tough decisions.   They could each fill a  boot-sized shoe box.  That’s it.  Cruel?  We’ll see…

So for posterity (and for anyone contemplating a similar move) this is what the boy chose, and how much he has played with each item so far:


A wooden snake he painted with Samuel.  (Play time: once or twice.  It mostly hangs on the wall as decoration.)


His favorite matchbox cars.  (Playtime: once or twice)


A build-your-own motorcycle kit.  (Playtime: obviously zero)


His favorite stuffed animals.  Mom & Dad Knit Penguins are missing from the photo… probably under the bed.    (Playtime: they mostly just live under the covers, but provide a lot of comfort.)  DSC_0509

Nesting penguins.


As you can see, they didn’t take up much space.    (Playtime: Once or twice, including an amazing stop-motion video.)


Bowling penguins.     (Playtime: once or twice.  To be fair, it’s impossible to bowl in a straight line anywhere in the Albayzin.  But he has made jaunty origami hats for them.)


Coming soon:  what the girl chose

2 Responses to “cosas del niño

  • Mom/Granny
    8 years ago

    Wow, such an odd assortment. He doesn’t seem to care that he doesn’t have a roomful of toys. It will seem like Christmas when he gets back to Austin.

  • Gramma L.
    8 years ago

    It wouldn’t be hard to tell who’s assortment this belongs to. I once asked Graham what he liked about penguins . He simply (and very seriously) said, “I like the way they look.” Interesting chemistry…I wonder what his first teenage crush will look like. Do you think she’ll wear a lot of black and white?

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