feliz friday


It doesn’t take much to make the kids happy.  But for the rest of us, the drudgery of our grown-up responsibilities can suck the cheer out of everything.  Even here.  Even in sunny, beautiful, relaxed Granada, Spain.  We can still have days that are overwhelmed with work, chores, family squabbles and general… yuckiness.

It happens.  I don’t think it’s possible to avoid those low points.  But I’m working on not wallowing in them.  Part of my plan is making it a habit to acknowledge all the fantastic good fortune in my life.  I mean, family, health, friends, obviously, but also the small things that we often overlook.  I’ve been doing this once a year with a group of bloggers and/or photographers.  Then I realized… why just once a year?  This is something I should be focusing on daily.  And to make it stick I need a goal.  In public.  So here it is:  starting today I’ll be posting once a week.  Lucky lunes.  Happiness jueves.  Feliz Friday.  Domingo agradecido… you get the idea.


Entonces. The first one is big:  visitors.   I mean, we’re amazed anyone would travel this far to see us (I suppose the location is a tiny factor).  But we were especially floored that parents of five year old twins could manage it.  How lucky are we?


The weather was nearly perfect, our kids were mostly well-behaved, our guests were laid-back, plans fell into place easily, and a fantastic time was had by all.  In fact, any reservations I had about all the visitors we’re going to have this spring have been banished.  Our house is odd but comfortable, and, as one of our ex-pat friends says, the city speaks for itself.  Having guests only helps us enjoy it more.


So how about it?  Will you join me for my weekly ruminations on the good stuff?  Help me stick to my goal by leaving a comment about your own feliz Friday.

2 Responses to “feliz friday

  • Granny/Mom
    8 years ago

    Yes! Gratitude is so powerful in shaping one’s reality and I am eternally grateful for every opportunity to express that. For me it is a matter of cultivating a daily habit, remembering to see the world through a gratitude lens.

  • Uncle Joe
    8 years ago

    Cheris, that’s a great thing to do!
    (And that’s a great habit to have, Mom! I try to do that myself.)

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