estamos volviendo

Well, I did it.  I clicked “purchase” and selected our seats on an airplane headed to the U.S.  We’ll be back in Austin in August.

Yes… August.  The worst time of year to be in Texas.

It was a near thing.  We seriously considered staying.  I’d spent months hinting and pointing out to the kids all of the benefits of living here versus life in U.S.


They would have none of it.  Once again, a pros and cons list turns out to be useless as it fails to consider the weight of each item.  (The stars were added by the kids.)  Friends and pets trump all when you’re nine and eleven.

We could have pulled the parent card.  After all, we’re the deciders.  We know that another year would be so great for them in the long run.  In the short run?  Well, one of them would be unhappy but make do, and the other would be deeply unhappy and possibly scarred.  Or not.  Either way it would be fun for no one to live with one or two miserable kids all year.

What would you do?

The truth is, they are the ones who have done all the hard work.  They go to school every day, in an unfamiliar culture, learn in a foreign language, attempt to catch up with a foreign curriculum, and try not to miss their friends too much.  It’s exhausting.  Compared to that, Rob and I have had it easy.  They agreed to one year, one big adventure, for us.  And now they’re done.

La verdad es que… I’m trying to get excited about coming home to heat, traffic, high prices, working on the weekend, and… middle school.  Can the Alamo Drafthouse and Torchy’s Tacos make up for that?


Es difícile ser un adulto.

4 Responses to “estamos volviendo

  • Granny
    8 years ago

    Well, here’s to a beautiful year in Spain and a tolerable home coming.

  • Cecil Jones
    7 years ago

    As a person on the threshold of retirement, I have a unique perspective – much looking back, the excitement of looking forward, and the knowledge of how quickly time flies by!
    The experience you’ve afforded your children will be something they will always have to look back on – as will you and Rob.
    My suggestion – looking forward – is that you spend the next few years writing your book on ‘How to Live Abroad’…you’ve certainly done the research, taken beautiful photos, and garnered great wisdom.
    You should just about be winding up the book tour as the kids graduate, then you and Rob can return to Spain!
    Just a thought…xoxo…Auntie Cecil

  • Susan Wainwright
    7 years ago

    To both of you Cheris and Rob, once again, you have proven that you are wise, thoughtful parents. You have given you children a wonderful gift that will stay with them their entire lives. This experience will embolden their spirits, boost their self esteem, and prompt them to satisfy their curious minds as they go forward in life! They may not know it now, but this past year will be something they will eventually look back on fondly and proudly. Bravo a Cheris y Roberto !

    …and that is not to mention all of us who benefited from your resourceful, capable hearts and warm hospitality!
    Cookie Lady

  • You guys are so sweet! 🙂

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