lucky lunes – suegros

   End-of-school craziness plus summer vacation travel and our impending move is to blame for my lack of posts. There is a lot to say as we wrap up this adventure, but before I do, I can’t forget to mention my lovely in-laws.DSC_0793

We were so happy they were actually able to come visit us since, for most of the year, it looked like it might not happen.DSC_0668

They managed to squeeze in a trip this June, just to battle ridiculously high heat, bad Spanish allergies and insidious travel viruses.DSC_0799

Still, they pushed through and we had a grand time with them.  Hope they made some memorias buenas, despite the challenges.DSC_0741

2 Responses to “lucky lunes – suegros

  • Granny
    7 years ago

    They are lovely indeed! I hope to see them again sometime in the not to distant future!! I can’t wait to see photos from Italy and hear about the trip!

  • Gramma L.
    7 years ago

    Cheris…on your blog, you sometimes ask what your family and friends are grateful for. Well, these suegros are ALWAYS grateful for You and Rob and Violet and Graham! And despite all the challenges ( both before and during our visit ), we are ESPECIALLY grateful that we were able to share a little bit of your lives in the amazing Albayzin. It was a wonderful and very special time for both of us. Thanks to you, we have many, many memorias buenas!

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