things I think I’ll miss

I never thought I’d miss lunchmeat.

But after a year in Korea without a sandwich I somehow began to think lovingly of Subway.

This time, I’m thinking about what I will definitely miss while in Spain so I can make a plan:

friends and family  —  Well, obviously.  But that’s what the internet is for.

my garden — Gardening makes me happy.  Really happy.  But our house in Spain is a casa tipica en el centro de la cuidad: no yard, just patios.  I’m going to have to do something to stave off the soil-less anxiety.  Potted plants?  Kitchen herbs?  How about I teach a garden themed English class?  Can I volunteer at the school garden?  Wait… IS there a school garden?!?DSC_6598.NEF

the cat — Sigh.  This is the cat I did not want, but who wanted us.  And he has grown on me.  I couldn’t help it.  Do they have a kitten fostering program like they do here?  Must research…DSC_0878.NEF

the gym — Just go for a run, you say?  Ha! I say.  When zombies attack, I will run.  Other than that, you will not find me jogging.  I need a gym, I need people around me to silently judge how long I’ve been working out, and I need classes.  My family needs me to go to these classes.  (“Mommy, have you gone to the gym today?  Because you seem really grouchy.”)

Two gyms in my neighborhood teach a couple of the classes I’ve been taking for years.  Now I get to do them in spanish.

being alone in the house  — I’ve been working at home alone for 3 years.  But in Spain Rob will be working from home too.  All. Day.  It’s going to take some adjustment.

So now the question is: what things will I be surprised to miss?  Any guesses?

3 Responses to “things I think I’ll miss

  • Mom/Granny
    8 years ago

    I’ll be curious, too!

  • Mom/Granny
    8 years ago

    Maybe you’ll be too busy enjoying all the newness! 🙂

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