Uh oh

This is what Violet brought home last month.  The teacher usually translates the directions, but not this time.  I pieced together most of it, but had to consult Google Translate for conformation.  And if I have to do that for kindergarten homework, I’m in trouble for the coming years.

But, for me, studying Spanish has proved to be far more problematic than I thought.  Classes are hugely expensive, and only moderately useful.  Plus, when would I take them?  It’s nice that there are some free websites out there, but how can I study with kids running around?  I suppose some people could accomplish this, but my kids actually insist on talking to me and asking me to do things.  In English.

I’ve accosted Spanish speaking parents at Violet’s school.  But I quickly ran out of conversational possibilities:

“Tengo dos ninos.  Mi hija tiene cinco años y mi hijo tiene tres años.  Umm…. Hace calor hoy.”

Aaand… that’s about it.  Clearly I must work on this.

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