How to Get a Spanish Visa, the Hard Way — Part One

1. Okay.  Let’s do this thing.  Google search: Spanish Consulate, Houston.

Wait… put laundry in first.

2. Caramba! The website is in spanish!  Oh wait… click “english”.  Whew.  I’m embarrassed to be so relieved.  That can’t be a good sign.

3.  Click “non-lucrative visa”, as per my research.

4.  What the…?   “Fill out a non-lucrative visa if you will NOT be working while in Spain.”??  Wait, that can’t be right.  Panic.  Do an hour of research.

Make beds, put away laundry, make lunch, do dishes.

5. Back again.  So, we won’t be working for Spanish companies, so yes, “non-lucrative visa”.  Back to number 3.

6. First on the list: fill out and print four copies of the application.  Done.  Make files for each family member.  Done.  Feel satisfied and then vaguely tense.  I wonder why…  oh… because that took all morning and it was the first (and easiest) item of a three page list.

And now it’s time to pick up the kids.



One Response to “How to Get a Spanish Visa, the Hard Way — Part One

  • Amber
    9 years ago

    It seems so overwhelming, but you are doing it just right. Just take little bits at a time. And let me know how I can help. You are awesome!

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