During the last week of school we received an email from the Spanish Consulate that said… (drum roll)… our visas had been approved!

You’d think that after all the work and stress that went into getting these things, we’d jump in the car and speed down to Houston.  But we had last days of school craziness, guests, more guests, a trip, another trip and loads of packing to do.  Thankfully, as it turned out, we didn’t all have to go together to pick up the visas, like we had been told early in the process.  So last week, after I sent the kids to camp and Rob to work, I headed out the door and arrived at the consulate before lunch.  Guess how much time I spent in the office?

Two minutes.  (Compare this to the 3 hours we spent there last time.)

The six hours of driving was painful, but a lot less painful that the rest of the visa experience.  Of course, we still have to make it official after we arrive in Spain by visiting the local police station.  (Gulp) There we’ll (try to) get our official stamp that will allow us to stay longer than 3 months.

Now the question is:  Can I pack up this house in time?

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